CSP Mission

Reduce Global Chemical Threats by:

  • Strengthening the ability of partner governments to prevent, detect, and disrupt the misuse of chemicals
  • Securing weaponizable chemicals, expertise, and related infrastructure
  • Promoting international chemical security best practices

CSP Partners and Affiliates:

  • Partner Governments
  • Chemical Industry
  • Professional Associations
  • Universities and Research Centers
  • International Organizations

 CSP Goals

Prevent, Detect, and Disrupt the Misuse of Chemicals:

  • Build awareness among law enforcement entities about chemical threats and mechanisms for reporting and/or investigating suspicious chemical incidents
  • Facilitate cooperation with international authorities to investigate suspicious chemical incidents
  • Develop chemical detection and forensics capabilities

Secure Chemicals, Expertise, and Related Infrastructure:

  • Provide tools and trainings to help partner nations identify and prioritize chemical security risks
  • Integrate chemical security best practices into operating procedures and protocols at chemical enterprises and laboratories

CSP Activities and Resources

Sample CSP Activities:

  • Advanced Chemical Security Management Symposium
  • Chemical Supply Chain Workshop
  • Chemical Detection and Forensics Training
  • Comprehensive Chemical Security Workshop for Industry and/or Academia
  • Prevention and Deterrence of Chemical Incidents for Law Enforcement Personnel

Available CSP Resources:

  • Chemical Inventory Management Systems
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Chemical Security Improvement Grants
  • Chemical Security Training Grants CSP Goals