About Our Program

Since its inception in 2007, CSP has supported a variety of activities to promote chemical security in partner countries, including: chemical safety and security trainings for academic and industry  audiences, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)-led chemical security workshops for government and industry representatives, trainings to strengthen academic chemical societies, the development of a chemical security toolkit, architectural design support for chemistry lab construction, agrichemical security initiatives, and grants for training and physical security upgrades at academic and industrial facilities with dangerous chemicals.

Today, the Chemical Security Program (CSP) works with government, academic, industry and law enforcement entities in partner countries to:

  • Strengthen the ability to detect and prevent the intentional misuse of chemical,
  • Promote chemical security culture among chemical scientists and engineers,
  • Support the implementation of chemical management best practices and increase physical security of chemicals of concern
  • Encourage adoption of, and compliance with, chemical management standards.

CSP’s current portfolio builds upon its strong programmatic foundation to include forensic detection of suspected chemical agents, workshops to prevent the theft, diversion or sale of dangerous chemicals by malicious actors; trainings and fellowships to promote cultures of responsibility among scientists; infrastructure and training grants to improve chemical security at academic and industrial facilities, and the development of tools to assess chemical security vulnerabilities.