Chemical Risk Management Self-Assessment Model (Chem-SAM)

Sandia National Laboratories’ International Chemical Threat Reduction Department (SNL/ICTR) has an ongoing mission to reduce chemical risks. In that mission, ICTR has been actively developing risk assessment methodologies and tools. These methods and tools will aid chemical facilities seeking to implement measures to support good chemical risk management practices and support Responsible Care¬©.

The Chemical Risk Management Self-Assessment Model (Chem-SAM) was designed for use by security officers and managers of medium to small chemical facilities or laboratories to evaluate security risks using a guided questionnaire. The model provides a visualization of the relative security risks, and helps to identify risk mitigation measures. This model has incorporated ICTR and international chemical risk management best practices and is based on a peer reviewed and widely accepted risk management framework.

Chem-SAM assesses:

  • The risk of theft and subsequent misuse of a chemical from the facility, and
  • The risk to personnel and local citizens due to a chemical release from sabotage.

Chemicals are prioritized based upon their unique attributes allowing for strategic implementation of security measures as not all chemicals pose the same security threat. The facility is assessed based upon the level of implemented chemical security practices as defined by industry best practices.


The main objective of ICTRs models is to help strengthen risk governance in chemical facilities by providing assessment methods that is standardized, systematic, and reproducible.